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Oct 25, 2023

In this gripping interview, Randy King and Andy Murphy define and discuss domestic violence and intimate partner violence. Randy gives great information on how to see red flags in relationships. Plus, he answers the very complex question of why victims don’t “just leave”.


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Oct 18, 2023

Andy shares three tips to boost your situational awareness and keep yourself safe in public. Plus, he shares a story about being pulled by Disney security.

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Oct 11, 2023

Andy welcomes John Hill of Shield Protection Products to the show. John is a 20-year veteran of law enforcement. In this conversation, he shares the importance of being able to read people before they act and how we can all teach our kids to be smarter and safer.


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Oct 4, 2023

On the 250th episode of The Secure Dad Podcast Andy talks about the “cool” parent. He shares how parenting needs to foster a feeling of respect and responsibility in the home. This empowering episode will help you and your family live a safer, happier life.

A family that knows its worth is invaluable.