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Jun 29, 2022

Gas prices are high and climbing. National tension is rising due to inflation. Give us one good natural disaster and a gas shortage will be the tipping point for all of us. Today on the podcast, Andy shares how families can survive a gas crisis. 

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Jun 29, 2022

In this bonus episode of The Secure Dad Podcast, Andy shares how we can all protect our car's gas tank from gas theft. Plus, he identifies how theives will target some cars and tells you how to keep yourself and your gas safe.

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Jun 22, 2022

Tony Blauer is a world-renowned martial art and self-defense instructor. Today Andy talks with Tony about his latest training experience, Be Your Own Body Guard. Plus, Tony shares his insights into how to choose safety and live a life worth enjoying. 

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Jun 15, 2022

Why do we use so many safety acronyms? What is the OODA loop? Is stop drop and roll really effective? Today Andy discusses safety acronyms and why it’s good to have BAD situational awareness.

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Jun 8, 2022

Andy welcomes Emmy-award winning outdoorsman and biologist Rob Nelson to the show. Rob will try and convince us that mother nature is NOT trying to kill us. He’ll share his experience in the wild including searching for aggressive radioactive wolves in Chornobyl. 

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