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Sep 25, 2019

Is your family ready for the next unexpected emergency? It could be a family financial crisis, a wildfire or someone trying to rob you. On the show today, Morgan of Rogue Preparedness shares with us how we can be ready for the unexpected. For more visit:

For more on Morgan visit:

Sep 18, 2019

What makes a crime? We discuss the most troublesome of all shapes, the crime triangle. By understanding crime better than we can use it to make ourselves safer. For more visit: 

Sep 11, 2019

This is the 50th podcast episode and the third anniversary of founding The Secure Dad. In this special edition of the podcast, I answer the question, “What is one thing you wished every family in America knew?” For more:

Sep 4, 2019

Working out can present its own unique set of security challenges. In this episode of The Secure Dad Podcast, we discuss what you can do to secure your workout at the gym and while running in public. For more: