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Oct 21, 2020

Andy discusses three of the most common misconceptions when it comes to burglaries. Don’t trust your family’s safety to a myth. Know the truth. 


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Oct 14, 2020

On this show Andy takes a critical look at fear. When we say we are afraid, is that really true or is something else preventing us from finding a solution to a threat? Are we really as afraid as we think we are? 


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Oct 7, 2020

In this episode, Andy talks about why we need to pay attention to our neighborhood so we can keep our family safe. He’ll go over what to look for that may indicate you’ve got trouble next door. 


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Sep 23, 2020

The Secure Dad Podcast celebrates 100 episodes with an Ask Me Anything show. Andy will answer your questions about family protection. Plus, he makes a big announcement.


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Sep 16, 2020

Today Andy welcomes Jon and Alex of the Wanted Podcast. Jon and Alex use many tools in their jobs as bounty hunters and de-escalation is the one they utilize the most. They discuss the importance de-escalation plays not only in potentially violent situations but in everyday life as well. 


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