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Apr 10, 2024

In this episode of The Secure Dad podcast, Andy Murphy delves into the complexities of social engineering, data collection, and online privacy with cybersecurity expert Tom Eston. They discuss ways individuals and families can protect themselves against digital threats. 


Tom shares insights from his 17-year experience in cybersecurity, emphasizing the significance of being cautious about the information shared online. They explore the evolving challenges posed by artificial intelligence and deepfakes in social engineering, urging listeners to stay vigilant and educated. The conversation also covers practical tips for safeguarding personal and family data online, underscoring the shared responsibility in defending against cyber threats.

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00:00 Welcome to The Secure Dad Podcast

00:49 Protecting Your Family's Online Data with DeleteMe

01:50 Fortress Fast Track: A Guide to Home Security

02:17 Meet Tom Eston: A Cybersecurity Expert

05:12 Understanding Social Engineering and Its Impact

09:10 The Role of Social Media in Social Engineering

37:38 The Future of Online Data Collection and Social Engineering

41:21 Closing Thoughts and Resources