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Mar 27, 2024

Want to give yourself an extra layer of security? In this episode, Andy is joined by self-defense instructor Marcus Torgerson.

Marcus isn't just about physical techniques. He dives deep into the importance of mindset in self-defense situations. You'll learn how to stay calm under pressure and project an aura that deters troublemakers. Plus, Marcus shares a simple tactic anyone can use to gain the upper hand in a surprise attack.

Marcus is passionate about empowering people to become a "nightmare for the bad guys" and take control of their safety. Listen in for actionable tips and a fresh perspective on self-defense for everyone.

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00:00 Welcome to The Secure Dad Podcast

01:50 Meet Marcus Torgerson: A Self-Defense Specialist

02:37 The Journey from Student to Teacher

04:52 The Evolution of Self-Defense: From Violence to De-escalation

06:29 Empowering Through Self-Defense

07:59 Confronting and Managing Fear

13:51 The Importance of Self-Defense Training

21:31 Finding the Right Martial Arts School for You

26:44 Closing Thoughts and Bonus Episode Reminder