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May 8, 2024

The news is sharing scary stories about hidden spy cameras in hotel rooms and in vacation rental homes. Today on the podcast Andy sits down with Ryan Quirk, the founder of Sparrow Risk Group to discuss how we can spot these cameras.


Ryan shares his wealth of experience in finding bugs and spotting hidden cameras. He even demonstrates how to use tools to spot cameras in smoke detectors. Plus, he shares more tips on how to secure your hotel room.


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00:00 Welcome to The Secure Dad Podcast

01:59 Introducing Fortress Fast Track: A Home Security Guide

02:31 Meet Ryan Quirk: Founder of Sparrow Risk Group

03:31 Ryan's Journey: From Military to Security Expert

06:05 The Hidden Camera Threat: How Real Is It?

10:57 Detecting Hidden Cameras: Tips and Techniques

14:40 Advanced Detection Tools: Infrared and RF Detectors

24:41 Practical Advice: What to Do If You Find a Camera

24:58 Challenges of Law Enforcement in Cybersecurity

25:03 The Reality of Cybercrime Investigation Limitations

26:49 Practical Steps for Personal Protection and Privacy

28:13 Innovative Security Measures for Travelers

31:39 Enhancing Privacy with Technology: VPNs and More

34:18 Understanding Surveillance Laws and Protecting Privacy

36:53 Personal Experiences and Professional Insights