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Mar 27, 2024

In this bonus podcast episode, Andy Murphy and Marcus Torgerson, a Christian self-defense instructor, explore the concept of fear and self-defense from a Christian perspective. They discuss misunderstandings surrounding faith and fighting back, referencing scriptures such as Luke 29 to dive into the context and interpretation of 'turning the other cheek.' 


They also touch on how parents can be examples of courage and resilience for their children, reinforcing the message that faith and self-defense are not mutually exclusive but rather aspects of a comprehensive approach to living fearlessly.

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00:00 Opening and Introduction to Fear and Faith

00:46 Exploring Self-Defense in a Christian Context

03:48 The Importance of Context in Scripture and Self-Defense

08:01 Personal Growth, Fear, and Self-Defense

08:52 Violence, Fear, and the Role of a Believer

12:08 Empowering Families and Overcoming Fear Together

13:42 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude