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May 22, 2024

In this episode of The Secure Dad Podcast, Andy welcomes retired Federal Air Marshal Gary Quesenberry to share insights into safety during air travel. 


Through their conversation, they cover the significance of situational awareness in various settings, including personal experiences that highlight the importance of being vigilant and prepared for unexpected scenarios. This includes a wild situation that Gary had never trained for involving a knife at 30,000 feet!


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Watch the interview:


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00:00 Welcome to The Secure Dad Podcast

01:58 Meet Gary Quesenberry: From Army to Air Marshal

03:03 The Journey from Military to Federal Law Enforcement

08:14 Inside the Life of a Federal Air Marshal

11:24 Situational Awareness: A Real-Life Story

17:41 Handling Unruly Passengers: Insights from an Air Marshal

26:02 Travel Safety Tips from a Federal Air Marshal

29:27 Is It Safe to Fly Today? Debunking Myths

32:30 Looking Ahead: Air Travel Concerns and Solutions

35:33 Discover Gary Quesenberry's Books and Future Projects

38:25 Closing Thoughts and Resources


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